Sofa Measuring Guide

Heart set on a Couch sofa? Perfect choice!

We need to make sure your new sofa or chair will be the perfect addition to your home.  So let's talk about size - because when choosing a sofa or chair measuring up is REALLY important.  Check out our handy buying guide below to get started measuring up for new purchase.

measuring your sofa

Will it Fit?

Not sure if your desired new Couch sofa will fit? Our guide will help avoid disappointment and unwanted hiccups.

This is how we recommend you should check to see if your new sofa will be a perfect fit - and make sure our delivery team will get it through the door.

Where will it go?

Clear the space in your room where you want your new sofa or sofa bed to go. Our website shows the exact measurements of every sofa, with the length, width, depth and height.

Plot an outline with a measuring tape to give you an idea of the size and where your other furniture may go. 

Couch tip: Laying down newspaper in the measured-out space helps to give you a feel for how much room the sofa will take up.

Standard doorways – or tricky ones

You need to measure all the entrances that the sofa will need to go through, such as through the front door, along a narrow hallway, around any awkward corners, and perhaps even up or down stairs or into a lift.

If you have a side passage to your garden, the easiest route may even be through your French windows.

When the delivery team arrives, open up the doors as wide as possible.


Couch tip: Don’t forget to include any obstructions such as radiators, skirting boards and light fittings on your measurements.