Items sold on are covered by our own 2 year warranty against manufacturing defects, frame and failure of materials.

This warranty does not cover accidental damage to the item, or damage caused by the abuse or unreasonable use of the item.  It does not cover wear and tear or if the item has been placed in direct sunlight. 

Your item should arrive to you free of damage and in superb condition.  Our customers' happiness is paramount to our business ethos. 

If in the unlikely event your item is not repairable, and responsibility for the defect is covered under warranty, we will offer a refund which may contain a reduction for dilapidation (benefit of use to the customer based on time) at a rate of 4% of the total value of the item excluding delivery, per month from the time of delivery.  This calculation is based on advice given to us by trading standards.

If an item is supplied new to replace a defective one, warranty on the replacement item is only valid to the end of the originally supplied item e.g. if the sofa is supplied and after six months replaced, the replacement sofa will have 18 months remaining as per the original item.

After a period of two years, if your item has developed a fault, we will not be able to fix the item at our expense, however we are always happy to help and advise our customers as to the most cost-effective repair.